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The Latest Thing To Do in Margaret River is Here (and has 5 stars on Trip Advisor)

The Latest Thing To Do in Margaret River is Here (and has 5 stars on Trip Advisor)

31 days and about 120 guests later here we are! Who would have thought that we could realise our dreams to showcase our favourite place in the world- the Boranup Forest – to visitors to our region and enable them to do it on our brilliant electric quad bikes?

A dream has been realised!
After years of planning, lobbying and arguing our case to both the public and the park administrators we have finally begun operations and tested the waters of our new venture.

Our passionate commitment to rendering the more difficult reaches of the Boranup Forest accessible for visitors to the region is now a reality. The majority of our guests have limited time and opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of this local gem and have relished the chance to engage and learn about the Australia’s ONLY international biodiversity hotspot. (To qualify it must contain over 1500 species of plants and animals that are unique to the region, and it must be under threat from encroaching alternative land uses.)

Our passion and respect for this unique ecosystem wonderland is precisely what led us to develop the world’s first electric quad bike. So we could convey guests through the forest in an environmentally sensitive and controlled manner, thus creating minimal impact upon the fragile terrain.

Many within the community rightly and understandably questioned the impact of quad bikes on the trails and firebreaks of the forest. (We are not alone in our love and respect for this southwest gem). After all, quad bikes have a distinctly unsavoury reputation when it comes to environmental credentials.
However we knew that if the power was restricted and, most importantly, designed to be delivered in a smooth, non-aggressive fashion then the dreaded quad bike could be transformed into the most desirable means of traversing sensitive terrain on the planet!

Seems like a big claim? Yes it is, but after the first month we can offer the verdict:
The first 100 or so passes was always going to be the proof, or otherwise, of our belief.

We can now reassure the committed fans of the Boranup Forest and offer unassailable, measurable and independently verifiable evidence that exceeds our own optimistic expectations. The photo below illustrates the incontrovertible conclusion that the electric quad bike is in deserving of the title “Eco Bike”.
Over 120 people have passed over this trail on the Eco Bike in the last 4 weeks. It is important to note there has been no rain during this period to erase the impact of the traffic.
We are amazed that the low speeds and low inflation tyres have left virtually NO VISIBLE IMPACT. This is a fantastic outcome for our experiment in creating a highly sensitive environmentally responsible vehicle.
We understand that this result would be difficult for some to accept so if any sceptics are doubtful of our claims then we would be more very keen to meet them on site in the forest and have them inspect it for themselves.

Even better: just book a tour, incognito, and come and inspect the impact for yourself, whilst also evaluating the EcoAdventures Margaret River experience in an objective manner. Can’t say fairer than that! We are proud to stand behind our claims and believe you will too.

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