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Why Margaret River is the Perfect Place to Experience Nature

Why Margaret River is the Perfect Place to Experience Nature

There are beautiful beaches, majestic waterfalls, and breath-taking forests in many places in the world, but nowhere offers such a unique combination as Margaret River. At least we think so – that’s why we’ve worked so hard to create a sustainable, yet inspiring way to help visitors explore this magnificent region along the southern coast of Western Australia.

Have you ever watched dolphins jumping through the waves as they chase salmon during the seasonal migration? Spotted kangaroos foraging for tender shoots to munch on in their verdant surroundings? Or witnessed emus grazing in the fields on a lazy, sun-drenched afternoon? In Margaret River, which is one of 34 global biodiversity hotspots, you’ll find the highest concentration of rare and endangered species in Australia. Prepare to see wildlife like nowhere else in the world.

Love the outdoors? Come to Margaret River. From horseback riding along the beach to whale watching off the coast, to cave exploring underground, you can savour it all from here. You could literally spend weeks kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, and exploring, and you still wouldn’t see all the wonders of the region. Known for our spectacular wineries, you can even taste the terroir while you are here, along with fantastic local cuisine on a Margaret River wine tour.

From rare wildlife to virgin beaches and diverse plant life, Margaret River is mind-blowingly beautiful. We want to keep it that way. At Ecoadventures Margaret River, our tours are absolutely eco-friendly so you can experience nature without causing harm – and you’ll have a blast in the process. We also include an iPad mini on each bike so you can learn about the nature that surrounds you as you travel through it with thought-provoking digital presentations of the legends and history of each destination. Our fantastic tours were recently featured in Expedia’s guide to ‘Planning a Perfect Visit to Margaret River’.

Our environmentally-safe electric quad bikes are perfect for travelling the sensitive trails of the National Park. They are our own Margaret River creation, and the first of their kind anywhere in the world. With wide, low-inflation tyres powered by clean energy, you can ride through the forests, leaving this magnificent, biodiverse haven exactly as you found it – pristine, profoundly beautiful, and as a genuine natural treasure that we all want to preserve for future generations.

‘Planning a Perfect Visit to Margaret River’

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